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milk's livejournal

the king of rock and roll. completely.

2 November
Hello world! I'm milk (or milky, miruku, milkmiruku, dave, gregory, nurse e) and no, you may not know my real name yet. Originally from north east Fife, until early 2007 living in Dundee and currently residing in Edinburgh where the streets are paved with gold and there's a fairly decent number of interesting people and things on to do. I'm mainly using LiveJournal to keep a record of what I've been up to (otherwise I would forget, what with my terrible, terrible memory) and to help stay in contact with all the nice people I've met.

I enjoy open-minded self-aware company and love to party both hard and quietly, and although am generally bouncy, energetic and happy with the world, often take time to become comfortable around new people. I like indignance, sarcasm and sardonicism but I do not bitch. I dislike moral bankruptcy, people who can't laugh at themselves, drama, defeatism and people with intolerant attitudes. I love exploring different musical styles, and anything with good rhythms, melodies and/or textures excites me. Check out my last.fm for my current listening habits. Please excuse me, I really have to go dance to this track.

P.S. I procrastinate when it comes to posting entries and replying to comments and e-mails, so if you haven't heard from me, give me a poke via IM. I also usually only add people I either know, would like to know better or who have similar interests to my own and I do occasionally unadd people to keep down the amount I have to read through on my friends page, so if I have unfriended you then it's not because I can't stand you or don't want to talk to or see you ever again.

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Some quotes wot I like;

"Being yourself, What does that mean
Seeing yourself is the hardest thing"

"In all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted." --Bertrand Russell

"Only the descent into the hell of self-knowledge can pave the way to godliness." --Immanuel Kant

"I got nobody but this groovy rhythm in my mind. Do you think I could reveal my heart with music?" --Smash TV

"Every one of us makes the absolute by breathing, by eating, by sleeping or by behaving in any fashion whatsoever" --Jean-Paul Sartre

"Puns! Never apologise, Never explain!" --Unknown

putting names to places for remembering faces (updated when i can be bothered):

edinburgh: 0olong, akicif, ami_bender, andabusers, andrewducker, anjylle, anjyllesight, sparrowpunk, autopope, brain_hurts, cairmen, clovenhoof, crystal_tips, cyan82, darkstones, decomposingsoul, digitalraven, djprocyon, dragal23, elfyshian, fenland, feorag, figg, fizzyboot, frozen_gold, gethrees, gnomatron, gothmuppet, gothtart, holaholaamigos, hughe, ishkhara, joebeard, johnny_haiku, kashandara, kellineil, kovo42, leila_child, luckylove, nathan_nothing, neferet, nickys, nik_strychnine, nuclearchicken, octopoid_horror, pianocat88, pindlebot, pink_kirin, pipistrelle, poisongarden, princealbert, protocol_rain, purplerabbits, quirkyeyebrows, random_redhead, sabledemon, savageteddybear, schwarzes_engel, scinflux, selectnone, skx, spacelem, sublevel3, suzerain, the_lupine_one, thewomanmeg, tisme, two_truths, ultraviolet, zombywuf, zotz

dundee: beetle_bug, brekcarr, caffacakes, cherryfuck, chicknstu, fairypiss, fifi666, halocaustic, hevydevy_kitten, icrisisuk, jawadx, jeye_musik, kung_fu_chris, lazken, malteeza, miss_creation, mrmoo666, noize_pollution, nowave, petulant_kitten, prettyh8masheen, pyropaws, ragmavx, satankat666, scarletpooky, spikeyfish, stu_god, talena_caro, valkath, wasted_lullaby, xx_marilyn_xx

scotland: __amaryllis__, _gh0st_, _lucinda_girl, foolishfirebug, fuzzygoth, gavlees, hobgoth, kasyx, littlemsmortis, maid_ov_metal, mistress_o_dark, the_doctor1

england: allezbleu, amworld, androktone, apophiz, arachne, asw909, biomechanina, bootpunk, bridd, burritob, chrisptofu, cloneboy, crispygoth, crm, cybermuppet, cyberpunkgrrl, dan_lane, deadkidsongs, deathboy, dec_o, dennyd, detached9, detritusdave, diffrentcolours, dj_matt, dmh, drfairlyevil, badfreddy, echo_echo, glitchdrei, halluciphy, hippiegunnut, indigo_violet, jenova_red, kazsinlos, kynetik, lee_chaos, lilgreendave, lis0r, littlecyberalex, lord_semjaza, luger_, megashrike, miss_glitch, miss_squiddy, missjinny, missyk8, mmmarcus, mofette, mrph, mz_pink, needler, nils, goetia, nniaa, noizetek, owen_ap, pda, phuturatica, queenbabypie, reddragdiva, redshira, reiko_j, rivetmike, royan, sapphrine, screen_death, shadowkat_69, snoww_wwhite, sparksparkspark, spookyzo, squiddity, squigfried, strangerover, superevildene, tar0r, thepussykat, timsamsara, trashykitty, westyburger, xerode, zeke_hubris

irc: _nikki, briseis, elle91, eoeo, hulakahlua, jaslet, jinxle, kennie_cooper, lazzo, miravisu, morfeusz, paperotis, skyforest, talonfire, zappo

school: alienspacebat, kirameku, takita

other: brad, bramcohen, cabrutus, chrisrohn, combichrist, fantasygoat, green_dreads, headn0ize, jerronimo, jwz, tsuyokunaritai, miss_mcdonald, nanikore, notreallythis, razorgrrl, rotersand, vexed_vitality, sebpaquet, thetofu, theweaselking, tiresias2

places: ascension_club, clubabsynth, digital_harlot, fimbulvetr_club, theauldhoose

images: anthophyta, ara_maye, euryleia_pics

sometime moderator of: audioeng, futuretech, jabber_im, libdems, altdundee, uk_goths, uk_ebay_goffs, determinism, amigas, shellscene, demoscene

co-moderator of: real_philosophy, philosophy, existentialists

acculturation, adam and joe, aesthetics, agnostic atheism, amiga, androgyny, anime, architecture, art, audio engineering, audioscrobbler, bass, bdsm, bertrand russell, bisexuality, bittorrent, black, black clothing, bleepy shit, bondage, candlelight, categorical imperative, cats, chocolate milk, chris morris, clint bajakian, clubbing, compatibilism, compound sentences, computers, conceptual art, contentment, culture jamming, cyber, cyber culture, cyber fashion, cybergoth, cyberpunk, dancing, djing, domination, dyslexia, edinburgh, electronic music, enlightenment, epistemology, ethical hedonism, existentialism, experimental music, feminism, flirting, future technology, futurism, glow, glowsticks, good music, google, goth, grace, hardcore, huggles, humanism, iain m. banks, industrial, infest, intersubjective morality, irc, irn-bru, jabber, liberal democracy, liberal democrats, liberalism, litestep, logic, long hair, long nails, lossless compression, love, lycra, mark thomas, mature yet silly people, meat, melancholy, meta, metaphysics, mike oldfield, mincing, minimalism, mixing metaphors, modern architecture, modernism, more bass, music genres, netgoth, open protocols, open source, philosophy, pleasure, poker, politics, polyamory, postmodern architecture, postmodernism, power play, practical things, private eye, psychology, purring, quake trilogy, radical feminism, reading, recreational drugs, sarcasm, sci-fi, science fiction, situationism, skirts, slashdot, sleeping, snuggles, social dynamics, social justice, social liberalism, social networks, stephen colbert, straws, style, style is substance, subcultures, synthesisers, taxonomy, technology, the culture, the game, the independent, thunder and lightning, transgenderism, transhumanism, ultraviolet, unified style vision, urban decay, warm breezes, web 2.0, when worlds collide, whitby gothic weekend, wiki, wikipedia, wit, xmpp, yorkshire pudding