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Want to get involved in Beltane Fire Festival?

A message on behalf of Nightwatch;

We are currently looking for Stewards and Torchbearers for the procession at Beltane…

Stewards are the guardians and storytellers of the procession in Beltane. We help to keep the spectators away from the performers so that the performance can run smoothly. As the only performers allowed to speak to the spectators, we also answer their questions about the performance and the festival. This year we’re hoping to not only learn about how to interact with the crowd, but also to learn about each of the separate groups and performances we will be protecting on the night.

The Torchbearers stand at the borders of the procession or performance space. Dark-clad and -painted, they appear almost as shadows besides the torches with which they illuminate the path around the Hill and the performance points. As well as lighting the procession (all the fire you’ll see on the Hill came initially from them), the torchbearers work with the Blue Men and stewards to hold the line between audience and performers.

Practices for both groups are on Sundays at 1:45pm in the car park on Calton Hill, with a social night at a pub usually on Thursdays. We are also hoping later in the run-up to have at least one practice with each of the other groups to get to meet other performers and learn about their performance. The social nights are not mandatory, but are a good way to get to know the group better.

If you are interested then please pop us an email at so that we know to expect you.

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